What is IoPT?

IoPT offers

a way of living a good life: a satisfying and happy life.

IoPT helps us

understand the world in which we live, and the people around us and close to us.

IoPT helps us

understand and heal ourselves.

IoPT offers

stay clear and in a healthy state, even when severely challenged.

IoPT helps us

have healthier relationships with those we love.

IoPT offers

the deepest possible healing of emotionally painful issues.

IoPT helps us

as parents to protect our children from trauma.

IoPT helps us

recognise and avoid getting lost in endless perpetrator-victim-dynamics.

IoPT can

transform societies towards more peaceful and equal communities.

IoPT informed people

can support others to also become IoPT-informed.

IoPT makes

logical sense of our ourselves and our problems, and from there shows the solutions.

IoPT is the solution!

IoPT for your daily practice

If someone contacts you, or you want to get into contact with someone, to solve a problem or a conflict: first you both ask yourselves: “What is my intention?”

By doing this you will both be more focused, and your unconscious self-regulating and self-healing capacities will be activated.

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