Rens Meijkamp

Company: TheartofbeingYOURSELF

Position: partner & IOPT facilitator


TheartofbeingYOURSELF is a place for reconnection with your true self.

Many people have quite lost touch with THEMSELVES;

THEMSELVES as the place of source, of strength, of self-confidence, of clear direction, of inner peace and contentment.

This is often the result of old pain, of (hidden) trauma.

Many people therefore live more of their "adapted CHILD", instead of their "wise ADULT".

That is very human and often very understandable in the light of your past, of your upbringing and of the way you have attached yourself as a small child to your mother and also to your father. Often that adaptation was necessary in order to survive at those days.

That adaptation, that survival is usually the result of unprocessed experiences, of hidden pain, of (developmental) trauma.

The uncomfortable thing about trauma is that you often don't see it that well yourself. In fact, we often look away from trauma because it is so annoying and painful.

Moreover, we have become so accustomed to the very survival, to that adapted child, that it seems that life is just that way, that you are just that way. Often we have identified ourselves with our adapted child. And that is an illusion.

At TheartofbeingYOURSELF we want to invite you to be curious about yourSELF again, to make contact with your hidden potential, to see your essence. And especially, we invite you to go on a journey of (self)discovery.

Thus, you can become more free, live more of YOURSELF, live more authentically. In this way you are also less entangled in the adaptation to how "things should be", to your parents, to what is expected of you, externally.

How wonderful is it to be able to live your authentic being?!

We do IOPT-work on the individual level, as well as between couples.

We basically work with "SELF-encounters", either through self-resonance or through resonance with other human beings.

We find this work liberating and healing for all of us and for us as facilitators, very fulfilling.

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