Maria-Magdalena Macarenco

Company: Private Practice and Trauma Institute (ISTT)

Position: Clinical Psychologist, IOPT Trainer and Supervisor


Born in 1976, she works as a clinical psychologist, EMDR consultant and IOPT Trainer and Supervisor in her private practice at Trauma institute. She have finished her PhD in health psychology at the Bucharest University, running a research regarding psychotrauma and autoimmune diseases. She is specialized in psychotrauma, trained in EMDR (Richard Mitchell, 2012-2013), systemic constellations (Jutta ten Herkel, 2012-2013), Multigenerational Psychotraumatology (prof. Franz Ruppert, 2013-2015) and Identity Oriented Psychotherapy (prof. Franz Ruppert, 2015-2017). Since 2013, she offers intentions seminars using prof. Ruppert method and she provides trainings in the Intention Method at Trauma Institute, Bucharest.

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