Daren De Witt

Company: Identity Therapy

Position: IoPT Facilitator


Website: https://www.identitytherapy-constellations.co.uk

I am in awe of the IoPT method and its capacity to shine the light of consciousness on the deepest aspects of our psyches, to facilitate healing and integration, and I love the depth, beauty, empathy and compassion that often emerges during IoPT workshops.

I have a background in group facilitation and I have been facilitating IoPT workshops since 2018. I am currently offering monthly online IoPT workshops over the two mornings of a weekend (9.30am-1.30pm UK time).  I also have capacity to facilitate these workshops face to face in London, as well as in Hastings, East Sussex, where I live.  So please let me know if you would like to be informed of any face to face workshops that I am planning to facilitate in London or Hastings.

I attended an IoPT Education course in London with Vivian Broughton's IoPT for four years from 2016-19 and I participate in an ongoing IoPT facilitators supervision group with her.

Website: identitytherapy-constellations.co.uk

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