Anja Stieber

Position: Coach for Transformation & Mindset, EFT Practioner, IoPT Therapiest



I am Anja and I accompany people into the best time of their lives. As a mindset coach and specialist for change processes and crisis management, I have been helping many people over the past 20 years to shape their lives so that they can enjoy them again and be happy. In this process, they leave their past behind and question their habits and beliefs. They de-clutter their lives, allow negative emotions to heal, learn to be mindful, and calm their minds. Often they find entirely new solutions and design their meaningful life and work.

My unique combination of different methods accompaniment, combined with my (life) experience and lots of heart makes the difference. IoPT is a major part in my work, as it opens the pathway to the unknown in our subconscious mind that keeps us from growing and developing our healthy Identity. This healthy part is by its nature: loving, kind, compassion, empathic, community and connection seeking, healthy, creative, curious, open minded and clear in his thinking (heart intelligence).

This work is a shortcut to a life, lived from the heart with happiness, abundance and success.

Activate the intelligence of your heart.

I would be my pleasure to walk some of your path with you.

Best of wishes

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