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From Norway

Accredited trainings for 2021, 2022 and 2023 are already fully booked. The waiting list is currently very long. For those who speak English, the International Training would be an alternative.

Registrations can be made  with:

From Singapore

You may also contact Christine Wong from Singapore who organises and coordinates meetings and supervision opportunities for IoPT training providers:

8 IoPT Basic Lectures
Other long-standing providers of IoPT training are:
Currently new IoPT trainings in German language with my licence are offered by:
IoPT training in Swedish and Danish:
IoPT training in English and Chinese:
IoPT training in Dutsch:
IoPT training in French:
IoPT training in Portuguese:
IoPT training in Russian:
Munich, 12th of October 2021 Franz Ruppert
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